Son Ferriol project, second prize on the AJAC awards

The Son Ferriol health centre in Mallorca has been awarded the AJAC XII Prize for non-built work.

What is the AJAC?

The Young Architects Association of Catalonia (AJAC) is a platform of young architects (under 40 years old) that is part of the COAC (Official Association of Architects of Catalonia) and aims to help new generations of professionals in the world of architecture to show and promote their work. Since its creation, the AJAC wants to be the link and reference point that stimulates young people in the world of architecture, both professionally and culturally.

logo ajac

In the professional field, the AJAC works to facilitate the first professional steps of the new architects. For example, the functions of the AJAC are

  • To propose to the public administrations the call for competitions aimed only at young architects
  • It collaborates with other groups and Associations of Architects to publicise the many existing professional opportunities and the training required to do them successfully.
  • The AJAC also defends the interests of young ” employed ” or ” self-employed ” architects at the working level
  • It also seeks to correct all those deficiencies detected in the different curricula of all the Schools of Architecture, with the sole objective of adapting the training curriculum of future architects to the existing professional reality

If you want to know more about the AJAC you can visit its offical website and blog (in catalan).

In the cultural field, the AJAC aims to listen and to channel all the concerns of young architects at a professional or working level. The operative of the AJAC, which is totally interactive, allows for an optimal collection of opinions that serve to generate future debates on them.

The AJAC also participates and gets involved in the life of the citizens, always with the final and ultimate objective of improving, transferring and promoting the knowledge of architecture in society in general.

About the AJAC awards

In the field of architecture, every two years (2020, 2018, 2016…) the AJAC announces the AJAC Awards for young architects, with the aim of publicizing the best work of the new generations of architects in Catalonia.

The categories into which the AJAC Awards competition is divided are

  • Built projects
  • Non-built projects
  • Final pHd/degree projects
  • Theoretical research work in the field of architecture

The AJAC exhibits and publishes the award-winning works, and also organises conferences and talks with the architects who have won in one of the categories.

About the project of the health center in Son Ferriol

The Son Ferriol Health Centre in Mallorca is a project carried out by La Boqueria architecture studio along with Munarq.

projecte arquitectònic son ferriol

The interior is based, in a similar way to the housing cooperative of Balma, in a CLT structure.  If you would like to know more about the project of the Son Ferriol health centre, you can find all the details on the project page.

You can see the exact minute and second of the video-act of the awards where the second prize of our project of the Son Ferriol Health Centre is mentioned by reproducing the video below.

The video is narrated by the speaker and journalist Òscar Dalmau. 




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