Re-Habitar is a project that aims to respond to one of the main problems of the city, housing, through a training program in the sector of housing rehabilitation that improves the professional qualification of people in a situation of vulnerability, or workers in the shadow economy. The training program will incorporate energy efficiency criteria in coatings: plasterboard, wood, paint and finishes and will establish measures to generate a social return to the territory through the rehabilitation of flats in the Ciutat Vella District. The problems that the project aims to address are 3:

  1. The job insecurity of the construction sector, both due to the underground economy and the lack of updating of the sector. With trainings and trainings in new specializations emphasizing new models more sustainable.
  2. The rehabilitation of the housing stock of the Old Town District. It is necessary to update and rehabilitate homes to improve living conditions. The improvements are in terms of user health and energy efficiency to reduce consumption.
  3. Improvement of the living conditions of people with financial difficulties in order to improve their housing.

Reports made by Barcelona City Council indicate that in the city of Barcelona but more specifically in Ciutat Vella there is a housing stock very deteriorated. Another worrying indicator is that 35% of the population in Ciutat Vella are people over the age of 65 who live alone.

  • Re habilitacio
  • Re Habilitar
  • Re Habilitar
  • Re Habilitar
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