Ca’s Bouer

The project starts with a house on the ground floor plus 1 located in the old town of Blanes. The starting point is to go back and build up to three floors above, building a new pillar structure that will force the existing slabs until you go to find the subsoil. Time is a peculiarity of this project: the house has sufficient flexibility to supply different uses at different times; housing must be able to absorb flexibility over time.

Construction: Remodelling of a property in Blanes
Architects: La Boqueria Taller d’Arquitectura i Disseny + Jordi Queralt
Location: Barcelona
Refurbished surface: 450 m²
Project’s year: 2012
Construction’s year: 2013
Photographies: Núria Ginés + Eugeni Pons + Jordi Queralt
Technical Architect: José Berrocal
Structures Consultant: Ricard Martínez
Building company: Camps Esqueu S.L
Interior Designer: Pau de las Heras
Promotorer: Private

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