• projecte arquitectònic son ferriol

Architectural Project Son Ferriol

From a realistic position and taking into account the available resources, the focus is on the initial investment of the construction and the use of the building in its useful life, thinking about the final economic repercussion to the users.

Relation with the environment

Building integrated into a domestic layout, ground floor +1 and parking. The height of this keeps relation with the constructions of the environment of Son Ferriol. The fact of replacing an existing equipment presents the obligation to build the new one, reducing at maximum the construction standards of a building of these characteristics.

Environmental strategy

The main strategy is to reduce demand for all consumption in the building, offering good climate and acoustic comfort. Thus, a passive climate strategy is presented, where the configuration and materials of the closures help in thermal inertia and control of solar radiation.

Updates about the project:

2020.11.4 – Awarded at the AJAC awards

2019.03.24 – Awarded at the CSIB awards

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