We have participated in FESC

From La Boqueria Taller d’Arquitectura we participated this weekend in the 8th edition of Fira d’Economia Solidària de Catalunya (FESC), organized by Xarxa d’Economia Solidària (XES).

It is a showcase of products and services to meet the needs of our daily lives through the Social and Solidarity Economy (ESS): housing, food, leisure, education, communication, technology, services to people and businesses, finance and ethical insurance, training and education and technology, among others. It is an annual event with international projection that brings together the great diversity of experiences and practices of the social and solidarity economy of the Catalan territory.

From La Boqueria we have presented three projects: “Aparadors, més que façanes”, the revitalization of Raval shops with a labor insertion project; “Bombolles d’ocupació”, with the contribution to the fight against energy poverty; and La Balma, a new model of cooperative housing.

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