We are a team of architects who reflect in our work the freshness combined with the experience of collaborations with long career studies and the participation in international projects. This global and multidisciplinary perspective allows us to have a renewed and different vision and a sensitivity towards architecture. We tackle the projects in an integral way and we hope to bring architecture closer to people, analyzing social, economic and environmental aspects to incorporate them into the project in question.

La Boqueria Taller


Social Promoter: Sostre Civic · Technical Cooperatives: Arkenova S.C.C.L., LaCol Cooperativa d’Arquitectes, Raons · Environmental assessment: Societat Orgànica, open energy · Innovation and branding assessment: Logic design · Labor insertion: Saó Prat Associació, Impulsem S.C.C.L. · Technical Architecture: Vinclament S.L., Vallcorba Enginyeria S.L. · Mock-up: Dani Granados · Interior and graphic design: Marta Peinado, Anna Bosch Studio, RUN design, Saüc Estudi · Swiss demarcation: ander egg and rinaldi, k-architectures



Affiliated to XES (Xarxa d’Economia Solidària), La Sectorial de l’Habitatge Cooperatiu en Cessió d’Ús, Socis de la Federació de Cooperatives de Catalunya, Vinculats a Pam a Pam i Membres de Tot Raval.

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