Living differently. The experience of La Borda and the new cooperatives in Barcelona

On Thursday 8 April at 6 pm, as part of the exhibition “Habitar contrario. La experiencia de La Borda y las nuevas cooperativas en Barcelona”, curated by Lacol and Álvaro Valdecantos, there will be a presentation of projects that at the moment they are being carried out, in format pechakucha and with the participation of:

– La Mar d’arquitectes (La Xarxaire)
– Celobert (Cirerers)
– Pau Vidal i Vivas Arquitectos (La Chalmeta)
– Lacol i Laboqueria (La Balma)
– Lacol (Sotrac)
– Ibon Bilbao, Caterina Figuerola i Raül Avilla (La Quinta Força)
– Arqbag i Poma Arquitectura (La Regadora)

The session will be online and can be followed live through the Youtube platform.


Photographs Mariana Castel

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