XES is committed to a community and non-speculative housing model

Xarxa d’Economia Solidària de Catalunya (XES) is committed to a community housing model, stable and non-speculative, which is already making its way in Catalonia with the first cooperative housing projects in cession of use. Even so, the sector faces difficulties in accessing financing and the economic cost of projects. In addition, the Covid-19 crisis has accentuated the vulnerability of a part of the population that does not have the most basic needs guaranteed.

In this new context, it is necessary to reorient the socioeconomic model towards criteria of greater social equity and sustainability. Cooperative housing in cession of use also implies a commitment to a greater weight of the social and solidarity economy.

Cooperative housing in concession of use has all the potential to become a true affordable and stable housing option for the lower classes of the country. For this reason, it is necessary to strengthen collaboration with the public sector with specific financial aid and facilities to access financing, among other measures.

The XES campaign is directed at different public administrations at the local, national and state levels, to demand measures that favor the affordability of cooperative housing and that it has a key role in the phase of social reconstruction in the coming months and years.

All the information on the XES website.

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