La Balma, cooperative housing model in cession of use

In the Cooperative housing in Cession of Use -or cohousing-, the future owners are who, organized in a cooperative, will promote their own homes, on land granted by the city council in terms of surface rights and for a long period -75 years , usually-. Thus, they become co-owners of their own building at a “cost” price. The cooperative makes a cession of use to each of these owners in exchange for a fee that is used to pay the mortgage and community expenses, which turns out to be much more affordable than market price rents.

On the other hand, the owners are who collectively decide the configuration of their building, ideal to satisfy their needs in a community way. What spaces do they want to be common and which ones are private or what services will they hire and with what criteria.

This result is already beginning to be seen in La Balma Cooperativa d’Habitatge in cession of use, promoted by Sostre Cívic, and co-designed with laCol Arquitectura Cooperativa.


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