La Balma: cooperative housing

From La Boqueria Taller we work for the defense of the right to housing as an essential element to offer decent housing to all people, through support for the development of new cooperative housing projects. Currently, we work together with LaCol Cooperativa d’Arquitectes in an example of a cooperative dwelling in use assignment. It is a model of access to housing in the field of social and solidarity economy.

La Balma is a cooperative housing project of Cooperativa Sostre Cívic, which has the transfer of use of a municipal plot with a future building in Poblenou (Barcelona), where it will be built a common life. La Balma is a group that aims to promote more communal forms of coexistence, which enhance the interrelation between the people who inhabit the building and, in turn, with the neighborhood and people outside the cooperative. In this way, it is expected to achieve the construction of a building that needs its surroundings.

Projects of this style allow generating affordable housing, offering stability and flexibility, while enabling community and optimizing services with the creation of common spaces. In addition, it allows implementing systems with low environmental impact in the design and use of the building.

In La Boqueria Taller we accompany the group in the design and construction of residential buildings with common spaces and with a low environmental impact.

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