How to create healthy spaces

On average, we spend 90% of the time in closed indoor spaces, either at home or doing leisure activities. Can this affect our health and well-being? Yes! Being in unhealthy spaces for a long period of time can affect our body, therefore, building a healthy space will be key to enjoying a good quality of life.

How to a create a healthy space

At La Boqueria Taller d’Arquitectura we design healthy interior spaces that do not harm health and, in turn, respect the environment as much as possible. Both the materials used and the construction methods determine the interior environment of any space. A healthy space must take into account the indoor climate, determined by air, temperature, humidity and electroclimate, and external factors that may intervene.

The importance of temperature

In this way, it will be necessary to ensure proper ventilation and renewal of the air in the space, maintain an ideal temperature between 20 and 24ºC (expandable to 17-27ºC) and ensure an average relative humidity between 40 and 60%.

If you have more questions about how to create a healthy space or want to know more references and advice, do not hesitate to contact us! We will wait for you ?

Photo: Food and Yoga (for more info check the page of the project of renovation of Food and Yoga)

Photography by: Aedis 3d

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