Living, eating and working

Living, eating and working are three basic statements in the life of any person. In an urban context, these three actions usually happen in different spaces: we sleep at home, eat on the street and work, in many cases, in an office. In the rural context this is not usually, nor has been, the most usual. Life in the countryside means that these three actions can be in one place, and this is the peculiarity of the project of a new winery in Penedès.

Working in the rural world – and, in this case, that of the cava – implies understanding the countryside, rural culture and human relations of exchange. Marketing with the elements that the earth gives, many times, depends on the weather and having a second look at the surroundings.

Inhabiting a house in the countryside implies that the spatial configuration itself is closely linked to how and what we work outside. The spaces configured on each floor respond to a specific use that is related to the type of trade and work performed outside. Specifically, in a warehouse there are spaces according to its use: cellar, kitchen, entrance…

The kitchen is and will be the most symbolic piece of any house, but in the countryside this is the piece with more weight of the house. It is the meeting point of users and where more time is spent during the day. How we eat and what we eat is a representation of how we act as a society.

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