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Local Concept Store Wer-haus

Local Concept Store

The three founding members of the Wer-Haus project are: Jean-Antoine Palagos, Nicolas Rossi and Marc Miró, two French and a local. The concept of local concept (a concept already applied in other cities such as the case of 10 Corso Como in Milan or the Dover Street Market in London) has now been exported to Barcelona.

The task was to create a multidisciplinary space that was unique, diaphanous, simple but with personality. It should be said that the space itself, with high ceilings and industrial traces, has made the work easier. The place was formerly a car park that went from the entrance to calle Aragó to the inner courtyard of the island of l’Eixample. The work has been to recover the singular elements such as wooden beams or the guardhouse to give a second use, in this case the bar of the bar; In this way a characteristic air is given to the premises. Wer-haus is organized into three programs: the first and most located at the entrance where a green wall has been built and the façade has been rectified to shorten the room, an exhibition hall has been installed and sale of books to the public commissioned by Dani Pujalte. Further in and in the lower part of the central space is the bar / restaurant led by Chema Martin Cabeza and finally at the end we find the store that is organized thanks to a construction of an iron module and wooden panels that “hide” the warehouse and the office. The furniture by Cristian Herrera Dalmau has just created a space worthy of magazines and exhibitors.

Work: Reform of a premises in Barcelona.

Architects: LaBoqueria Workshop on Architecture and Design + Marta Peinado

Location: Barcelona

Renovated area: 410 m²

Any project: 2015

Year of construction: 2015

Photographs: hcevisuals

Builder: Meziore S.L

Furniture: Cristian Herrera Dalmau

Promoter: Private