La Boqueria

Taller d’arquitectura i disseny

Housing Cambodja

Do it yourself!


We propose a construction through the adaptation of an assembly hangar. The establishment in venue construction generates a direct serial to deployment in the field.

This, facilitates the speed with which the model is achieved , and reduces stress in displacement and positioning.

The new hangar will be used as a logistics center construction. The people, in a collective effort will build the structures.

They will prepare the parts to build the facade also. Finally it will be transported to the possible site.

We propose that the development of houses realize through a collective effort of the people. They all work on the construction of the house regardless of the different needs of each family.

Once all the material moved houses are built in specific locations. All the people involved in this process.


Work: Competition, Finalist

Architect: LaBoqueria Taller d’Arquitectura i Disseny + Jordi Queralt

Place: Trapearang Anchang, Cambodia

Year project: 2012