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Vega Raw

The interior reform project of the VegaRaw site consisted of transforming an old store of natural health products into an attractive store of proximity food products as well as elaborate vegans to take away. The peculiarity of the project is that the premises are very tall but narrow and stretched: exterior visibility is not perfect, access must be pleasant and accompany the consumer in the meantime. The project was to seek out this relationship between the interior and the exterior of the premises and providing depth in it. Equipping the space of singularities, they are a laminated wooden vault and respect the pre-existing materiality of the walls.

The program combines the take-away through a wall of refrigerators and furniture, with a shop of proximity, allow the user to have a space in the background to enjoy the products, make meetings … all in a home cooking environment.


Work: Local reform in the Raval, Barcelona

Architects: LaBoqueria Workshop on Architecture and Design sccl

Location: Barri del Raval, Barcelona

Refurbished area: 100 m²

Any project: 2017

Year of construction: 2017

Photographs: Albert Ponts

Constructora: Osona Group 2000 sl

Promoter: Private