La Boqueria

Taller d’arquitectura i disseny

Sant Pere Mitjà 18.42 m2 (City refuge)

18.42 m2 are the useful square metres of the Sant Pere Mitjà project. Located in Ribera del Born in a building of 10 metres across, the idea of the project was to grab all the space as possible to make habitable. Laws living conditions establishes that the minimum surface of the apartments to be habitable ( If it’s a new construction ) are 36m2; If the apartment was built before 1984 it’s allowed a minimum surface between 15m2 and 20m2.

To design a minimal space it’s not easy, particularly If the applicable regulation are so stringent. The interior reform was designed with the idea to keep some elements like sink or bathroom as the unique fixed elements. However other elements like the attic are being used as a bedroom or as a storage. The proposal was established to extremely compact dimensions in order to release the space needed and offer maximum flexibility and comfort.




Work: Reform and interior design  Barcelona

Architect: LaBoqueria Taller d’Arquitectura i Disseny

Place: Barcelona

Builded surface: 18,42 m²

Year project: 2016

Year built: 2016

Photography: Alba Nàjera

Builder: Felipe Tellez S.L

Promoter: Privat