La Boqueria

Taller d’arquitectura i disseny

Gran Via 701

Dinner is on the table

The apartment had been empty for a long time because of the passing of the person who lived there. A member of the family inherited the apartment and decided to reform it because they felt it held “too many memories”, they wanted a change of scenery. The commission was simple: a flat for a couple with an extra bedroom, a bathroom and a spacious kitchen and living room. The emphasize was on creating a central space for the dining table that would serve as an area for working, eating and cooking.

The new distribution of the apartment opened the space in three directions, longitudinal, transversely and diagonally, taking advantage of the shape of the space. The apartment was arranged in three sections: the first of them opens onto the terrace and includes the living room and the main bedroom. The second section includes the kitchen and the bathroom, the parts of the house that are strategically positioned to take advantage of the facilities. The third part includes the second bedroom; the entrance is located between the second and third parts.

The central space for the table is located in the centre of the apartment: to go through the apartment you need to cross this space, it is unavoidable. It’s strategically located to support and expand the other spaces in the flat. It works as a backing to the kitchen, a workplace and a social area where the residents can spend time at any time of the day. Anything could happen at the table, even without dinner.



Work: Reform and interior design

Architect: LaBoqueria Taller d’Arquitectura i Disseny

Place: Barcelona

Builded Surface: 45 m²

Year project: 2014

Year built: 2014

Photography: LaBoqueria Taller d’Arquitectura

Builder: Reformes Cotillas S.L

Carpenter: Samuel Querol

Promoter: Privat