La Boqueria

Taller d’arquitectura i disseny

École Meinier

The new building not only integrates formally into the urban fabric of the city, but it does so over time, relating to the existing buildings that surround it and that form or have been part of the school.

The implantation is carried out under two clear premises: the first one is to generate a limited space that allows control and access to the center while generating an outside space controlled by children. The second is to create a facade aligned with the existing buildings on Route de la Repetance, which allows “sewing” while respecting the urban composition of the place.

The location of the building is able to capture the main traces that surround it and allow it to generate an outer-inner joint with the park. In addition, the subtle cover game itself allows you to generate a dialogue with the rest of the school buildings.


Work: Contest

Architects: LaBoqueria Workshop on Architecture and Design + Anderegg Rinaldi Architects Associés

Situation: Meinier, Geneve

Any project: 2017