La Boqueria

Taller d’arquitectura i disseny

École Meinier

This new Building not only is integrated in the urban plan of the city, but it is through time, by relating with the Building surrounded.

The sitting has been based in two ideas or concept: first one is to generate a limited space which allows the control and the access of the children, at the same time generates an outside area for kids. The second concept is to generate an aligned facade with the existing buildings in Repentance Street. This fact respect the urban plan composition.

This building captures the main lines of the context and allows to generate a relationship between inside and outside with the existing park. Also, the shapes of the roofs are related with all buildings.


Work: Competition

Architects: LaBoqueria Taller d’Arquitectura i Disseny + Anderegg Rinaldi Architectes Associés

Located: Meinier, Geneve

Year project: 2017