La Boqueria

Taller d’arquitectura i disseny

Ca’s Bouer

Flexibility over time

The project started with a two storey house located in downtown Blanes. The requirement was to maintain the existing house and to build an additional two floors, while also creating a basement which incorporated a new structure of pillars.

The passing of time was central to this project: The building has been designed as a home that has enough flexibility to provide different uses at different times of the occupants life; the housing has the flexibility to change over time.

Initially the first floor will function as multipurpose hall and then it could become an office. Eventually it has the possibility to become and individual flat to lease to a tenant or family member. That premise determines the house has to be prepared for future changes. It’s interesting to design a house for the present where some parts remain fixed while others must be flexible enough to absorb changes in the future.


Work: Reform and extension of a house

Architect: LaBoqueria Taller d’Arquitectura i Disseny + Jordi Queralt

Place: Blanes

Builded Surface: 450 m²

Year project: 2012

Year built: 2013

Photography: Núria Ginés + Eugeni Pons + Jordi Queralt

Engineer architect: José Berrocal

Structure engineer: Ricard Martínez

Builder: Camps Esqueu S.L

Interiorism: Pau de las Heras

Promoter: Privat