La Boqueria

Taller d’arquitectura i disseny

Vic Library

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The proposal for the new library of Vic is located in a place with a historical memory of high impact not only at the local but also state level, while the site is located at a privileged point, being the point of connection Between the old city and the area of ​​the former expansion, once crosses the Mèder River.

The building is considered as an element completely open to the city, an open book that respects the city-planning alignments but that is open in the corner, in such a way that it is established as an entry point from the old part of the city to the new, to the culture, the integration, the knowledge and the innovation; while creating a new urban space for the citizen, not only at the physical level, but also at the level of memory.

The building as a whole is a permanent response to the events that took place on May 29, 1991, creating an urban emptiness that invites reflection, a gap that rotates and surrounds the building, showing that any difference and intolerance can be Fight with culture, open the doors to knowledge, knowledge and respect among all.

Work: Contest

Architects: LaBoqueria Taller de Arquitectura y Diseño + Heres Arquitectura

Location: Vic, Barcelona

Any project: 2017